Updates of the UMM2 Profile for Enterprise Architect and the VIENNA Add-In

During the UN/CEFACT Forum in Rome we updated the UMM2 profile for Enterprise Architect. Amongst some bug fixes and clean-up tasks, the profile provides now an easy way to model the 6 UMM business transaction patterns. The patterns are located in the Business Transaction View Toolbox of the profile. After dragging a pattern onto the modeling canvas, the modeler only has to define the corresponding elements of the business transaction and the business transaction is drawn automatically.

Furthermore, the VIENNA Add-In has been updated to version 0.0.3. It provides some bug fixes mostly for the UPCC features. Please note that the current version of the VIENNA Add-In does not automatically install the UMM/UPCC profiles, but you have to install them manually as described on the corresponding pages (UMM / UPCC) .

Please report bugs and submit new feature requests using the issue page of the project on googlecode. Of course, interested users are encouraged to contribute to the development.