UMM Specifications

UMM 1.0

The UMM 1.0 specification is divided into two modules – the base module and the foundation module. Both are available from the UN TMG website. Please use the following links in order to download the specification in pdf format:

The base and foundation module provide the necessary information for creating a valid UMM model. For the inexperienced user we recommend to read the user guide which is part of our master thesis (chapter 7). The user guide is available under the following link.

Furthermore, the UMM project team wrote a 3-page document called UMM in a nutshell illustrating the basic and most important concepts of the UMM

UMM 2.0

The UMM 2.0 specification is currently being developed. According to CEFACT procedures it is currently in the ODP (Open Development Process) Step 6, which means “Implementation Verification”. You may download the UMM 2.0 draft specifications from the follwing links: