UMM Worksheets

Before the modeler can design a business model he needs to get a thorough understanding of the business domain. In UMM the business process analyst gathers the information for modeling the inter-organizational process.

In order to provide an efficient and consistent workflow, UMM suggests the use of so called worksheets. Worksheets are documents with a predefined structure, helping the business process analyst in elicting the process requirements.

The UMM Add-In offers an electronic worksheet editor storing the worksheet information directly in the UMM model. The editor is based on Microsoft Word templates whose structure was transfered into the graphical user interface of the editor. The Microsoft Word worksheet templates can be downloaded below. Please note, that these templates are not officially standardized by UN/CEFACT.

UMM 1.0 Worksheets (Microsoft Word Templates)

UMM 2.0 Worksheets (Microsoft Word Templates)

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