UML Profiles for UMM

UMM is based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and defined as a profile on top of it. A UML profile is a set of stereotypes, tagged values and constraints allowing to tailor the UML to the specific needs of a certain domain. In the case of UMM the domain are inter-organizational business processes.

Currently there is are profiles for UMM 2.0 available for Enterprise Architect and Magic Draw.

UMM 2.0 Profile for Enterprise Architect

You have two possibilities to integrate the UMM 2.0 technology in Enterprise Architect.

A) Manually import the UMM 2.0 profile

By manually importing the UMM 2.0 profile into Enterprise Architect you directly attach the technology to your current Enterprise Architect Model file. That means, that you can only use the technology for your current file and that your have to import the technology again in case you are using another model file. Furthermore you have to manually update the technology file in case there are any changes to the UMM technology per se.

You can download the most recent UMM 2.0 profile for manual import. As shown in figure 1 open the resources view, right click on MDG Technologies and select “Import technology”. Select the UMM2.xml file you have just downloaded.


Figure 1 – Manual UMM 2.0 technology import

B) Dynamically load the most recent UMM 2.0 profile on every EA startup

Using this option Enterprise Architect checks a URL, where the most recent UMM 2.0 technology is stored, on every startup for a newer definition of the current UMM 2.0 technology. In order to enable this option you have to be connected to the Internet when your first use the new UMM 2.0 technology. On every succeeding start-up EA will check online, whether a newer version of the technology exists. If a newer version exists the new technology is automatically loaded. If your are not connected to the Internet after you have successfully loaded the UMM 2.0 technology for the first time, EA will use the latest locally cached version of the UMM 2.0 technology.

In order to enable this option select the menu item “Settings” and “MDG Technologies” in Enterprise Architect. In the opening dialog as shown in figure 2 select “Advanced”, “Add” and “Add URL”. Enter the following URL:


Figure 2 – Dynamic UMM 2.0 technology import

UMM 2 Profile for Magic Draw

For Magic Draw two different profile definitions are available – one using abbreviations for the different stereotypes and one using the full stereotype names.

UMM 1.0 Profiles (deprecated)

  1. UML Profile for UMM (Enterprise Architect)

    This UML profile for UN/CEFACT’s Modeling Methodology (UMM) is specially designed for the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect. The profile is also part of the UMM Add-In. Hence when installing the UMM Add-In the profile is installed automatically as well. If want to use only the profile you can download it from the following link.
    Download UML Profile for UMM (Enterprise Architect)
  2. General UML Profile for UMM

    The following files can be loaded in standard UML modeling tools and provide modeling concepts from UMM and the basic UMM model structure. The templates support the modeler by providing all stereotypes and tag definitions. However the templates do not enforce the rules as stated in the Foundation Module of the UMM. A fully functional validator enforcing the formal UMM rules is implemented as part of the UMM Add-In.
    Download General UML Profile for UMM