UML Profile for CCTS (UPCC)

The UML Profile for Core Components (UPCC) is based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and defined as a profile on top of it. A UML profile is a set of stereotypes, tagged values and constraints allowing to tailor the UML to the specific needs of a certain domain. In the case of UPCC the domain are business documents.

Profile for UPCC 3.0

Load the most recent UPCC 3.0 profile on every EA startup

Using this option Enterprise Architect checks a URL, where the most recent UPCC 3.0 technology is stored, on every startup for a newer definition of the current UPCC 3.0 technology. In order to enable this option you have to be connected to the Internet when your first use the new UPCC 3.0 technology. On every succeeding start-up EA will check online, whether a newer version of the technology exists. If a newer version exists the new technology is automatically loaded. If your are not connected to the Internet after you have successfully loaded the UPCC 3.0 technology for the first time, EA will use the latest locally cached version of the UPCC 3.0 technology.

In order to enable this option select the menu item “Settings” and “MDG Technologies” in Enterprise Architect. In the opening dialog as shown in figure 2 select “Advanced”, “Add” and “Add URL”. Enter the following URL:

Figure 1 – Dynamic UPCC 3.0 technology import