We would like to draw your attention to an interesting toolset initiative from the Henri Tudor Research Center. Henri Tudor has developed a toolset for the planing, design, and animation of electronic messages.

Updated UMM 2.0 models available

The UMM 2.0 example models have been updated to the latest version of the UMM 2.0 standard. Furthermore they have been checked with the new UMM 2.0 validator,which will be released for free public use during the next week.

New academic papers available

Two new papers are available in the academic paper section:

The Development Process of the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology gives and overview about the UMM 2.0 standard and explains the new features using an example from the waste management domain.

An Add-In for UN/CEFACT´s Modeling Methodology 2.0 introduces the new UMM 2.0 Add-In and explains the features of the UMM 2.0 profile for UML, the UMM Quick-Linker, and the UMM validator.

New Open Source Project for UMM 2 Add-In available

We are happy to announce the new open source project for UMM 2.0 and the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect, called UMM 2 Add-In. The project is intended to be open source and licensed under the GNU General Public Licencse v3.

We would like to invite all interested modelers/programmers/users to join the common effort for developing a tool support for UMM 2.0 and the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect. The project is hosted on Google Code located under http://umm2-addin.googlecode.com/. The project website on Google Code comprises all downloads, an issue tracker (bug tracker), a WiKi (still to be filled), and direct access to the source code via Subversion (SVN). For details regarding the SVN access please follow the instructions on the project website.

Furthermore the first release of the UMM2 Add-In is available for download on the project website. Currently the release contains the UML Profile (MDG file) for import into Enterprise Architect.

As a next release a first version of the UMM 2 validator is scheduled.

Special thanks to Harry Moyer and Thomas Motal for the efforts on creating the MDG and in particular the quick link features.

New UN/TMG website is online

The new and revised UN/TMG website is online, providing the latest version of the standards developed by UN/TMG and further information about upcoming meetings etc.

New UMM 2.0 model “Waste Movement Example” available

A new UMM 2.0 model from the Waste Management Domain is available for download in the example model section.

UMM 2.0 – Internal Draft Specification available

The UMM 2.0 specification has finished step 3 of the Open Development Process (Internal Draft) and has now entered phase 4 (Internal Review). Feel free to read through the specification and learn more about the great enhancements the UMM 2.0 standard has in comparision to the UMM 1.0.

The UMM 2.0 internal draft specification can be found on the internal UN/CEFACT collaborative website under the following link:

UMM 2.0 Internal Draft specification

First UMM book available

Our new book entitled “UN/CEFACT’s Modeling Methodology (UMM) 1.0” is available in book stores right now.

The book covers the UN/CEFACT’s Modeling Methodology 1.0 and the UMM Add-In and provides an excellent 101 tutorial for new UMM users.

A whole chapter is dedicated to the UMM user guide which helps a novice user to create a valid UMM 1.0 model. Furthermore the different chapters include the Worksheet Editor and the UMM Validator being part of the UMM Add-In. The generation of process specifications from UMM models and the mapping of business information to document formats are also part of the book.

New UMM 1.0 example model available

A new UMM 1.0 example model from the Waste Management Domain is available in the example section.

Next UN/CEFACT forum meeting in Mexico City

The next UN/CEFACT forum meeting will be held in Mexico City from April 7 – 11. The entire UMM-Dev team will attend the meeting and the release of the first draft of the UMM 2.0 standard is planned for the end of the forum meeting.

See you there!