New UMM 2.0 Add-In for Enterprise Architect 7.1 released

The new UMM2AddIn for Enterprise Architect 7.1 has just been released.

The AddIn has been built against the current UMM 2.0 specification draft which can be found under:

Thereby the AddIn includes the UML Profile for UMM 2.0, the UMM 2.0 Quick Linker, and the UMM 2.0 Validator. The UML Profile together with the Quick Linker allows for an easy creation of UMM 2.0 models. With the help of the UMM Validator a UMM 2.0 model can be checked against the constraints defined in the UMM 2.0 specification.

You can download the UMM2AddIn from under Downloads.

Please report any issues using the issue-tracker system provided under the Google Code project above or send an email to

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