New package structure in UMM 2.0

UMM 2.0 will have an enhanced package structure which greatly facilitates modeling.

Changes in the package structure:

  • The BusinessDomainView has moved into the BusinessRequirementsView
  • There is now a dedicated BusinessPartnerView in the BusinessRequirementsView
  • The BusinessProcessView does not exist any more. Instead the BusinessProcessActivityGraph is located directly under the corresponding BusinessProcess
  • The former BusinessTransactionView is now called BusinessChoregraphyView
  • BusinessInteractionView and TransactionRequirementsView are now merged into the new BusinessTransactionView which is located underneath the BusinessChoreographyView
  • The BusinessTransaction is now located directly under the corresponding BusinessTransactionUseCase
  • CollaborationRequirementsView and BusinessCollaborationView are now merged into the new BusinessCollaborationView
  • The BusinessCollaborationProtocol is now located directly under the corresponding BusinessCollaborationUseCase
  • CollaborationRealizationView remains unchanged
  • The BusinessInformationView is now a dedicated view

UMM 2.0 new package structure

View an animated Powerpoint slide illustrating the transition from the UMM 1.0 package structure to the UMM 2.0 package structure: UMM 2.0 Re-Packaging