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New teaching material available

A presentation providing an introduction to EDI and UN/EDIFACT is available in the teaching material section.

New release 0.3 of the UMM2 Add-In available

A the new version 0.3 of the UMM2 Add-In is available from the project’s website. We advise in particular all participants of the Gasunie UMM workshop on the 26th of November to use this version for the workshop.

Important: Please unzip the file and rename the file UMM2AddInInstaller_0_3.msi to UMM2AddInInstaller.msi before starting the installation.

New release 0.2 of the UMM2 Add-In available

A new release of the UMM 2.0 Add-In, fixing several bugs in the validator and the UML 2 profile for UMM is available for download from the project’s website.

New TMG chair elected

During the 13th UN/CEFACT forum meeting Christian Huemer (Vienna University of Technology) has been elected as the new chair of the Technologies and Methodologies group (TMG) of UN/CEFACT. Scott Hinkelman (Oracle Cooperation) has been appointed as TMG vice chair.

CCL08A available as Enterprise Architect file

The most recent Core Component Library CCL08A is available as Enterprise Architect file.

Using the predefined core components, core data types, business information entities, and business data types a business document modeler can easily assemble business documents.

The code which parses the Microsoft Excel representation in .csv into the Enteprise Architect representation is part of the UMM2 Add-In code.

UMM 2.0 Public Draft now includes Worksheets

folks, we are happy to announce that we included the Worksheets in the current UMM 2.0 Public Draft during the current TMG interim meeting in Tokyo. The worksheets are also separately downloadable as Microsoft Word Templates.

Updated UMM 2.0 models available

The UMM 2.0 example models have been updated to the latest version of the UMM 2.0 standard. Furthermore they have been checked with the new UMM 2.0 validator,which will be released for free public use during the next week.

New academic papers available

Two new papers are available in the academic paper section:

The Development Process of the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology gives and overview about the UMM 2.0 standard and explains the new features using an example from the waste management domain.

An Add-In for UN/CEFACT´s Modeling Methodology 2.0 introduces the new UMM 2.0 Add-In and explains the features of the UMM 2.0 profile for UML, the UMM Quick-Linker, and the UMM validator.

New Open Source Project for UMM 2 Add-In available

We are happy to announce the new open source project for UMM 2.0 and the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect, called UMM 2 Add-In. The project is intended to be open source and licensed under the GNU General Public Licencse v3.

We would like to invite all interested modelers/programmers/users to join the common effort for developing a tool support for UMM 2.0 and the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect. The project is hosted on Google Code located under The project website on Google Code comprises all downloads, an issue tracker (bug tracker), a WiKi (still to be filled), and direct access to the source code via Subversion (SVN). For details regarding the SVN access please follow the instructions on the project website.

Furthermore the first release of the UMM2 Add-In is available for download on the project website. Currently the release contains the UML Profile (MDG file) for import into Enterprise Architect.

As a next release a first version of the UMM 2 validator is scheduled.

Special thanks to Harry Moyer and Thomas Motal for the efforts on creating the MDG and in particular the quick link features.

New UN/TMG website is online

The new and revised UN/TMG website is online, providing the latest version of the standards developed by UN/TMG and further information about upcoming meetings etc.