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Archive for April 2008

New UMM 2.0 model “Waste Movement Example” available

A new UMM 2.0 model from the Waste Management Domain is available for download in the example model section.

UMM 2.0 – Internal Draft Specification available

The UMM 2.0 specification has finished step 3 of the Open Development Process (Internal Draft) and has now entered phase 4 (Internal Review). Feel free to read through the specification and learn more about the great enhancements the UMM 2.0 standard has in comparision to the UMM 1.0.

The UMM 2.0 internal draft specification can be found on the internal UN/CEFACT collaborative website under the following link:

UMM 2.0 Internal Draft specification

First UMM book available

Our new book entitled “UN/CEFACT’s Modeling Methodology (UMM) 1.0” is available in book stores right now.

The book covers the UN/CEFACT’s Modeling Methodology 1.0 and the UMM Add-In and provides an excellent 101 tutorial for new UMM users.

A whole chapter is dedicated to the UMM user guide which helps a novice user to create a valid UMM 1.0 model. Furthermore the different chapters include the Worksheet Editor and the UMM Validator being part of the UMM Add-In. The generation of process specifications from UMM models and the mapping of business information to document formats are also part of the book.

New UMM 1.0 example model available

A new UMM 1.0 example model from the Waste Management Domain is available in the example section.