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Merry Christmas, UMM folks

The UMM team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the Christmas holidays!

Merry Christmas UMM Diagram

First version of UMM 2.0 profile for Enterprise Architect: pre-Draft1-20071213

This week during the F2F meeting in Zurich, we have produced a first pre-draft1 version of a UMM 2.0 profile for the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect. The profile is seperated according UMM 2.0’s package structure, but packaged as a MDG Technology file. In order to work with the profile in Enterprise Architect you have to do the following steps:

  1. In Enterprise Architect go to Resource View (usually defined as a tab below the Project Browser)
  2. In the Resource View right click on the MDG Technology and select the option Import Technology
  3. Choose the UMM profile file (UMM2-preDraft1-20071213.xml)
  4. The profile is now loaded into your toolbox on the left hand side

Please note that this is not an official UN/CEFACT release. The profile may be subject to frequent changes since the UMM 2.0 specification is under ongoing development. An initial draft of the UMM 2.0 specification is expected to be ready for the mid of January for an internal review. Please leave your comments, notifications of bugs, experiences etc…

UMM 2.0 profile for Enterprise Architect – Version preDraft1-20071213

New package structure in UMM 2.0

UMM 2.0 will have an enhanced package structure which greatly facilitates modeling.

Changes in the package structure:

  • The BusinessDomainView has moved into the BusinessRequirementsView
  • There is now a dedicated BusinessPartnerView in the BusinessRequirementsView
  • The BusinessProcessView does not exist any more. Instead the BusinessProcessActivityGraph is located directly under the corresponding BusinessProcess
  • The former BusinessTransactionView is now called BusinessChoregraphyView
  • BusinessInteractionView and TransactionRequirementsView are now merged into the new BusinessTransactionView which is located underneath the BusinessChoreographyView
  • The BusinessTransaction is now located directly under the corresponding BusinessTransactionUseCase
  • CollaborationRequirementsView and BusinessCollaborationView are now merged into the new BusinessCollaborationView
  • The BusinessCollaborationProtocol is now located directly under the corresponding BusinessCollaborationUseCase
  • CollaborationRealizationView remains unchanged
  • The BusinessInformationView is now a dedicated view

UMM 2.0 new package structure

View an animated Powerpoint slide illustrating the transition from the UMM 1.0 package structure to the UMM 2.0 package structure: UMM 2.0 Re-Packaging

TMG F2F Meeting in Zurich: UMM 2.0 First Draft is approaching

UN/CEFACT TMG is currently meeting in Zurich at SAP Regensdorf. The major work item within the Business Process Working Group (BPWG) for this week is the 1st Draft of the UMM 2.0 specification. The major benefits of UMM 2.0 will be:

  • UMM 2.0 will be defined as a UML 2.0 profile
  • Re-packaging (flattening) of the UMM meta model
  • Eliminating the complex “maps to” relationships
  • A business transaction may now comprise up to two responding business documents in order to represent different business intentions (e.g., a positive and a negative response to a purchase order)
  • Shortened names of stereotypes
  • In general, the UMM meta model will be less strict – especially during the requirements elicitation phase – as well as less complex

We hope to publish first results at the end of this week. Stay tuned…

UMM 1.0 tutorial movies available

A set of Macromedia Flash movies, explaining the steps towards a valid UMM 1.0 model is now available. Many thanks to Jim Wilson from Cidx who narrated the movies!

The UMM 1.0 user guide movies